Daily trip: Split - Dubrovnik



How this works:

  1. We pick you up in Split (optional)
  2. We drive you to destination
  3. We wait 5 hours for yours sightseeing
  4. And then we drive you back to Split (optional)


Price is calculated for Split as starting point. If you like to change starting point please contact us for further information.


Regardless of whether you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or the hundredth, the sense of awe never fails to descend when you set eyes on the beauty of the old town. Indeed it’s hard to imagine anyone becoming jaded by the city’s white limestone streets, baroque buildings and the endless shimmer of the Adriatic, or failing to be inspired by a walk along the ancient city walls that protected a civilised, sophisticated republic for centuries.

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airport split taxi transfer 24 dubrovnik


max. 5 persons

Price for whole trip: 500 €


max. 4 persons

Price for whole trip: 550 €


max. 8 persons

Price for whole trip: 600 €